Having a Moment

by Genuine Crude

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Twelve songs about life,family,love and the world we live in.


released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Genuine Crude Austin, Texas

Genuine Crude is an extension of a project started 20 years ago. Two brothers Bryan and Paul Rigney along with their Cousin Shawn Helm have reunited to make their own special grade of rock. -

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Track Name: Pleasantville
It's Christmas day here in Pleasantville
Anywhere USA
White picket fences Orwellian double speak references
A redefined reality confusing me
Now surely there's a disconnect
I don't know you and you don't know me
A Politically incorrect fatality

Burton would have his day in the sun
Oddly enough Johnny wouldn't be the one
This is a role for an American
With a white trash perspective
And permit for a gun

Welcome to Pleasantville
Population one more
Than anybody ever needed
Welcome to my town
Pleasantville America
I can't imagine ever leaving

(Bop Bop ooh wee)

Welcome to Pleasantville
Population one more
Than anybody ever needed
Welcome to my town
Pleasantville America
You sure could use a cleaning

Everyday is the same just another sunny day
Perfectly the Pleasantville way
Streets are paved with hopes and dreams
Never any signs of unpopular urban decay
I got a feeling thing's will be different today
Different in the same ole way
Pleasantville put on your faces we've got company
Wait for it..smiles everybody

Steven came and went we'll never see him again
He left his whitewashed world behind for you
Pleasantville America where everything is banned
Including micro aggression or being individual

(Repeat first chorus)

Welcome to Pleasantville
We do a sanitized version
Of the Pledge of Allegiance
Welcome to your town
Pleasantville America
Now open late for your convenience
Track Name: Aim high Set your sights lower
Meet me under the pepper tree
It's a beautiful world
Life ain't supposed to be this easy
Just to the left of what seemed obvious
There's a boy there's a girl
The whole world knew what would happen then

She grew up and I stayed the same
She got an agent then he changed her name
Hollywood was calling but I was to blame
Left on the cutting room floor
Until nothing remained

Everytime I see you on the silver screen
You never left you're exactly where you're meant to be
Yet another man has his hand there on your shoulder
You aim high
Then you set your sights lower

(Repeat Chorus)

Doing all right now if you're wondering
Play out almost every night
Here on the walk of fame
The tips are pretty good and the weather is so nice
Near a billboard with a girl
Whose name I don't even recognize

She moved on and then everything changed
I tried to follow she was to fast for me
All the kings horses kept the years away
Left on the cutting room floor
Until nothing remained

(Repeat Chorus Chorus)

Here's some friendly advice
From the guy there below you
When the Hollywood lights
Show you a little older
Choose your roles
Like you don't even know her
Aim high
Then set your sights lower
Track Name: Creedence
Hey John what went wrong
The record company said you got it made
Even Tom knew what was going on.. Anyway
Now was it all about getting paid?

Seventy two bootleggers killed 100
The Calculator showed up with random numbers
Brando made an offer that you couldn't refuse
John said Put up or shut up
Mardis Gras was made for drinking

There's a revival
Yes we all know the
Old man's a survivor
I've got a feeling John knows better
Better than ever
The courts have decided
John wont be invited
Still there's a revival
There at centerfield

Rolling Stone Clearly hated it
Yet Bob and George finally got you to play
And you'd think by now you guys could work it out
Won't be a revival at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

In 72 Howard was a work of fiction
Mt Fuji made the climbers pay for their addiction
Sudan stopped fighting Vietnam was moving to the east
Everybody listen
Mardi Gras was made for drinking

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: We're trending
I tried so hard
And now I'm broke
Got caught up in the fire
Long before there was ever any smoke
You're a comedy a tragedy
I never gave a damn about you're
Obvious hypocrisy
It's been so long
it's so damn cold
Can you find it in your heart
To find your way home?

I'm sending you some
Do you remember me and our life trivia
We're Trending to as I
Call out to you on all the social medias
All night long
My heart beat is pending
All I want is
For my night to be ending
With you

I find it hard to believe
Your status has been changed to single and available
And I'm posting for everyone to see
Every step you've made is totally retraceable
I'll stay in touch keep checking in
Hoping you'll respond to
Requests to be friends
It's been to long it's so damn cold
Can't you find it in your heart
To find your way home

I'm sending you some
Do you remember me and our life trivia
We're Trending to as I
Call out to you and hope you can hear me tonight

I'll stay in touch keep checking in
Hoping you'll respond to
Requests to be friends
It's been to long it's so damn cold
Can't you find it in your heart
To find your way home

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm sending you some
Do you remember me and our life trivia
We're Trending to as I
As I put down my phone
And turn on the t.v. for light
Track Name: Good things are coming (Just not tonight)
Hey take it easy
I'm sitting right here
I'm a good listener bend my ear
We got the time
And the night is still young
She said I appreciate that
But I'm all ready done

It's been a long time coming
And I'm thru running
I think the picture on the wall
Says it all
Jesus is waiting
You should call

I'm over and done
Found out the hard way
I was never the one
One of these days I'm gonna get it right
Good thing's are coming
Just not tonight

Oh they say it gets easier
So Mister tell me why
It never gets any easier

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Pre Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

We're all one step closer than we think
I believe I told her
Everybody has a bridge in mind
Take one step back
Give it one more try

Your over and done
Found out the hard way
You were never the one
One of these days you're gonna get it right
Jesus might be coming
Just not tonight

(Repeat first chorus)
Track Name: Having a Moment
I've seen the light
Now wonder why
It took me so long
To enjoy the ride
These are the moments that pass you by
Like a warm summer breeze
On the Fourth of July

We live our lives without compromise
Then we compromise as we live our lives
How do we get there
When getting there means knowing
Where you're going
Then what you're gonna do

I'm having a moment but is it too late
In twenty five I will be seventy eight
Now at fifty three living means a whole lot more to me
Than having a moment free

The things we do today
May not last forever
But when we do them together
Then the thing's we do today
Will get us thru the day
And more

A butterfly on my little girls dress
My son becomes a teenager
Then becomes a mess
These are the moments
You couldn't pay me to miss
I don't want to remember the good times
I want to live in them

I spend too much time knocking on those gates
I want to spend time living
No longer procrastinate
Why should I worry about being late
Cause when my time is done
I'll be there to pay the freight

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

I don't know about you
But at fifty three
You know more about me
Than I do
Track Name: A Really Good Love Story
Who am I
We both know the answer to that one
Hell that's and easy one
I'm one and done
Master of nothing

Knowing why
Well now that's a little more complicated
You should of known you'd get no where
With this line of questioning

Don't mind me
There really is no point to this
You may find
I'm a building with no foundation
Open wide
Come inside
The walls are Crumbling
You're exactly what I need

Hell I tried
To protect you
From the ugliness that's inside of me
Where you should never be

An open mind
Is exactly what brought you into this
Board up the windows
Lock the doors
The antidote
Can be hit or miss

Don't mind me
There really is no point to this
You may find
I'm religion with no creation
To be crucified
No where to hide
Sorry if I'm stumbling
You're exactly what I need

The moon ain't right
Still it's a beautiful night
Now I'm all tangled up inside
Tonight I feel like Jekyll and Hyde
I may be cursed
Like others before me
Complicated and schizophonic
This is still a really good love story

Come inside
The results are in and now I'm afraid
History was never on our side
There I said it
And therein lies

The truth
In front you clearly evident
A monster made of insecurity
An over played hand
History repeats

(Repeat Verse 1 and 2)
(Repeat Pre Chorus 1)
(Repeat Chorus x2)
Track Name: Hero takes the Fall
From the moment that I held you I knew
I'd never live up
To my own expectations
Everybody knows but the hero
It's a setup doomed to fail
By his own earthly limitations

Still I go to work
Everyday to a job I hate
And I've got it made
Cause I know that you'll be waiting
With those innocent eyes
That never lie
And I swear on all that matters now
Its my life
You've been saving

On my shoulders I would carry you
To the light above the door
It isn't working anymore
There was no monster in the room
But something even worse was waiting
For the years would take you away
Now I'm left painting alone

Still I make it work
Everyday but the end result
Is always the same
This old man can't stop it from raining
Guess I've done my job
Cause your happy now
And that's really all that matters wow
Both of our lives for better or worse

Then the day arrives
Your words still echo off the walls
You don't understand me at all
the Hero takes the fall
You had your day in the sun
You know I love you but I'm gone
When I get settled in I'll call
The Hero takes the fall

Life is good
Life is short
Make every minute
Better than before

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat first verse)

That was then
This is now
And I'm finally back on solid ground
Still now and then
You'll find me making
Your pancakes with extra butter
And I think I finally told your mother
Some habits just aren't worth breaking

(Repeat Chorus)

Life is good
The hero takes the fall

(Repeat Chorus)

I love you
You love me
Where did the years go?
The hero takes the fall
Track Name: This Movie isn't Over Yet
It never registered
Hadn't occurred....to me
Life isn't a passing grade
More of an incomplete
My Wife and my Children
A roof over our head
Between you and me
This movie isn't over yet

Whoa someone's been watching over me
Now I know pay attention
They'll supply you everything you'll need

Life is a heartache
It's a hole in my head
It's gettin up early
Making her breakfast in bed
It's kids and a job
Sure to push me to the edge
It's loving every imperfection
This Movie isn't over yet

Everyday I'm a
Little closer to the truth
How my story ends
Well that isn't really up to you
And the on coming train that is my life
Is coming to a head
I'm just not worried anymore
Cause this movie isn't over yet

Whoa someone's watching over me
And I hope I've done enough
To be the man I need to be

Life is a heartache
It's a hole in my head
It's watching someone else
Holding my little girls hand
It's the nights that are too quiet
When I could used a drunk night instead
It's a phone call from the kids sayin,"Hey Dad"
This movie isn't over yet"

Life is heartache
And I just got started
We'll play it over and over and over again
Life is a heartache
And we just got started
Life is a heartache
This movie isn't over yet
Track Name: Tonight it's over (Me and Buffalo Bill)
Me and Buffalo Bill
Out on the range
Having fun again today
New adventure everyday
Mom and Dad are sitting watching TV
But no not Bill and me
Today we had the chance to meet

Geronimo how did you know
That the end was near
Won't be coming round here no more
The fair is closing
With tonights receipts
Pack up your belongings
You're coming with me

Tonight it's over
We'll erase bad memories
Create an all new history
Tonight it's over
Inventing all new dreams
With story book endings

How does it go?
Once upon a time
Our heroes were left behind
No longer in their prime
A sore reminder
Of how good it used to be

Me and Buffalo Bill
Came home today
Fresh off the wagon train
Been runnin down Jessie James
Mom and Dad are still watching TV
But you know Bill and Me
Today we had a chance to meet

Geronimo How did it go?
When they offered you redemption
Did you lose all your connections
To your past remind me
What did you see
Pack up your belongings
You're coming with me

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Mr Coffee (A lonely Soul)
Born in 1951
Mom and Dad French Canadian
Dad played the fiddle
Big fan of the Beetles
I locked myself away
Until everyone was gone

Barry said let me introduce you to Tom
And then everybody knew
Goodbye Mothers Milk
We put it back on the shelf
And then born again
As somebody else

I am everything
That I was supposed to be
Fortune and fame carried my name
To the heavens alone
Cause I am a lonely soul

The ultimate host
Mr Coffees at home
He left you a note
2 3 4 at the most
An anonymous couple
Had a private conversation

(Repeat Chorus)

Two were done
Then we said our goodbyes
Amid corporate lies
Three would take years to complete
Battling the demons and the record companies

A reluctant friend
Together once again here in Boston
The winters are cold
Melodies never grow old
It's more than a feeling
For a sensitive soul

Honey be good to yourself
Cause I miss you to
Don't blame Tom
Cause we all carry on
The Hammond doesn't lie
It's committed to the truth

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey every one
Tune in to the radio
If you didn't know
Our records still selling
The stories compelling
Check out the hooks
The records in the books

The Guitar is a ship
Isn't that ridiculous
Held together by strings
And the insecure sings
About looking back
This story never grows old
For I am a lonely soul
Track Name: Words&Music
So here we are
How about some credit
We made it this far
Hands ain't what they used to be
Voice isn't automatically there anymore

So we write
And we play
Nobody's listening anyway
Your fingers
My paper
We wrote about liberty
But couldn't save her

Words and music
Any way you muse it
Every time you'd find it
Guaranteed I'd lose it
A happy medium
Never existed
But a truce could be found in
Words and Music

1 2 3 4 1 Do it again

Repeat Chorus

Three up and
One to find
A free spirit
In the back our mind
A heavy hitter
Who automatically
Landed on four
Most of the time

So we laughed
And we drank
The colder it was
The harder we played
Your fingers
My paper
We wrote about anything
That we could think of