A Really Good Love Story

from by Genuine Crude



Who am I
We both know the answer to that one
Hell that's and easy one
I'm one and done
Master of nothing

Knowing why
Well now that's a little more complicated
You should of known you'd get no where
With this line of questioning

Don't mind me
There really is no point to this
You may find
I'm a building with no foundation
Open wide
Come inside
The walls are Crumbling
You're exactly what I need

Hell I tried
To protect you
From the ugliness that's inside of me
Where you should never be

An open mind
Is exactly what brought you into this
Board up the windows
Lock the doors
The antidote
Can be hit or miss

Don't mind me
There really is no point to this
You may find
I'm religion with no creation
To be crucified
No where to hide
Sorry if I'm stumbling
You're exactly what I need

The moon ain't right
Still it's a beautiful night
Now I'm all tangled up inside
Tonight I feel like Jekyll and Hyde
I may be cursed
Like others before me
Complicated and schizophonic
This is still a really good love story

Come inside
The results are in and now I'm afraid
History was never on our side
There I said it
And therein lies

The truth
In front you clearly evident
A monster made of insecurity
An over played hand
History repeats

(Repeat Verse 1 and 2)
(Repeat Pre Chorus 1)
(Repeat Chorus x2)


from Having a Moment, track released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Genuine Crude Austin, Texas

Genuine Crude is an extension of a project started 20 years ago. Two brothers Bryan and Paul Rigney along with their Cousin Shawn Helm have reunited to make their own special grade of rock. -

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