Having a Moment

from by Genuine Crude



I've seen the light
Now wonder why
It took me so long
To enjoy the ride
These are the moments that pass you by
Like a warm summer breeze
On the Fourth of July

We live our lives without compromise
Then we compromise as we live our lives
How do we get there
When getting there means knowing
Where you're going
Then what you're gonna do

I'm having a moment but is it too late
In twenty five I will be seventy eight
Now at fifty three living means a whole lot more to me
Than having a moment free

The things we do today
May not last forever
But when we do them together
Then the thing's we do today
Will get us thru the day
And more

A butterfly on my little girls dress
My son becomes a teenager
Then becomes a mess
These are the moments
You couldn't pay me to miss
I don't want to remember the good times
I want to live in them

I spend too much time knocking on those gates
I want to spend time living
No longer procrastinate
Why should I worry about being late
Cause when my time is done
I'll be there to pay the freight

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

I don't know about you
But at fifty three
You know more about me
Than I do


from Having a Moment, track released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Genuine Crude Austin, Texas

Genuine Crude is an extension of a project started 20 years ago. Two brothers Bryan and Paul Rigney along with their Cousin Shawn Helm have reunited to make their own special grade of rock. -

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