An American Dream

by Genuine Crude with Raphael Slagg



On this track we are joined by our friend Raphael Slagg (aka Blind Fret)


Typical beginning to a typical day
Unoriginal words
Me getting in my own way
Then I get this feeling
That by the time I'm done
You'll know where it is I'm at
And where it is I'm coming from  

I don't understand
How it all slipped thru my hands
We dream about the things we know
Like growing up and playing rock and roll
Be a singer in a band  

I tried to be the original
Underdog who won it all
Hero there before the fall
But it was harder than it seemed
The Crowd stood up and watched the ball
Tipped my cap to an empty wall
Little kid there standing tall
And I was part of An American Dream
I'm sitting here remembering
And I'm remembering what it meant to me
Even the little things
And it's always better than we know it was
And I know because it had to be
It now makes sense to me  

I reach out my hand
My little girl calls me Dad
So I take the time to look around
It really is much better now
And even better than it seems  

She's acts just like me when she gets mad
Then she calls me out and calls me Old Man
I try not to laugh you don't understand
But it's harder than it seems
Her brother is there to hold her hand
Making sure she understands
You and me and Mom and Dad
Are all part of An American Dream  

How can I be the only one?
To admit they had it wrong
I may not be my father's son
Cause it was harder than it seemed
The walls we built surround us all
Together we can watch them fall
Faith and love once and for all
And finally the American Dream


released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Genuine Crude Austin, Texas

Genuine Crude is an extension of a project started 20 years ago. Two brothers Bryan and Paul Rigney along with their Cousin Shawn Helm have reunited to make their own special grade of rock. -

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