Hero takes the Fall

from by Genuine Crude



From the moment that I held you I knew
I'd never live up
To my own expectations
Everybody knows but the hero
It's a setup doomed to fail
By his own earthly limitations

Still I go to work
Everyday to a job I hate
And I've got it made
Cause I know that you'll be waiting
With those innocent eyes
That never lie
And I swear on all that matters now
Its my life
You've been saving

On my shoulders I would carry you
To the light above the door
It isn't working anymore
There was no monster in the room
But something even worse was waiting
For the years would take you away
Now I'm left painting alone

Still I make it work
Everyday but the end result
Is always the same
This old man can't stop it from raining
Guess I've done my job
Cause your happy now
And that's really all that matters wow
Both of our lives for better or worse

Then the day arrives
Your words still echo off the walls
You don't understand me at all
the Hero takes the fall
You had your day in the sun
You know I love you but I'm gone
When I get settled in I'll call
The Hero takes the fall

Life is good
Life is short
Make every minute
Better than before

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat first verse)

That was then
This is now
And I'm finally back on solid ground
Still now and then
You'll find me making
Your pancakes with extra butter
And I think I finally told your mother
Some habits just aren't worth breaking

(Repeat Chorus)

Life is good
The hero takes the fall

(Repeat Chorus)

I love you
You love me
Where did the years go?
The hero takes the fall


from Having a Moment, track released January 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Genuine Crude Austin, Texas

Genuine Crude is an extension of a project started 20 years ago. Two brothers Bryan and Paul Rigney along with their Cousin Shawn Helm have reunited to make their own special grade of rock. -

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